Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some news about Geomob, the event series and podcast we’ve been running now for 15(!) years (since before OpenCage existed). What started as a very occasional pub series in London has grown and grown, and we are breaking all sorts of new ground:

  • Next week, on the evening of February 22nd, we will have the first Geomob Berlin. This has been a personal goal of mine for several years, unfortunately delayed by the pandemic. Big thanks to Peter Rose of Orbica, who is leading the organizational efforts.

  • Equally exciting is that on April 13th the first Geomob Finland will take place in Helsinki, our first event in the Nordics, and a great chance to see some of the geospatial innovation coming out of that region. I will be one of the speakers, along with people from several very interesting Finnish geospatial companies.

  • A week later, on the evening of Tuesday, April 18th, we’ll be back in London, where it all started. I am especially pleased to announce that the event that evening will be done in cooperation with Women+ in Geospatial. We have what is sure to be a great line-up, and if the January Geomob London is any guide to go by, then the April event should be a very enjoyable evening.

  • I am hopeful we will soon be announcing further events in Barcelona, Lisbon, and Tel Aviv.

I hope you can join us at one of these events. If not we publish summary threads on the Geomob mastodon account after the events. Follow us there and get on the monthly newsletter, where all events are announced.

But of course the other way to participate in is via the Geomob podcast which is published weekly. Next week we will mark three years since we started, and we are going stronger than ever. Just like at Geomob events, we aim for a broad mix of guests from across the spectrum of geospatial start-ups, artists, hobbyists, government, academia, and, frankly, anything else to do with geo. We recap the events and every fifth or sixth episode Steven Feldman (my co-host) and I share updates on our own projects, including OpenCage, of course.

"Geomob podcast"

As Geomob enters its 16th year we are thriving!

I close by once again thanking all of the companies and individuals who help sponsor Geomob, the venues that generously make their facilities available for us to use, and most of all - the speakers! Without all of you, there would be no Geomob. Several years ago we started compiling a list of all the Geomob speakers, and I’ve been maintaining it ever since. As time as past it’s become quite the who’s who of the European geospatial scene.

The list of past speakers and podcast guests is impressive, but there is always room for more. Please get in touch if you would like to speak at a future Geomob event, we would love to hear from you.

Yours in geo-innovation, whether for fun or profit,