Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to share two delightful milestones for Geomob, the geoinnovation community we have origanised for many years.

First up: we’ve just published episode 100 of our weekly podcast! The podcast is co-hosted by myself and Steven Feldman. Most weeks we interview someone from the Geomob community about their projects, but every fifth or sixth episode we chat amongt ourselves about our own projects (including OpenCage), or things happening in the geo-industry. If you enjoy learning about interesting geo projects, or want to peek behind the curtain at what is happening here at OpenCage give the podcast a try..

"Geomob Podcast 100 episodes"

In more good news, we will be restarting in-person Geomob events in London (on the evening of Wednesday, 24th of November) and Barcelona (the evening of Thursday, 25th of November). Hope you can join us for our traditional format of a few brief talk followed by #geobeers at a nearby pub. You’ll need to register (do so on the event pages), and be vaccinated to attend.

If you can’t make it to either of those events, but want to stay informed about upcoming Geomob events, the best way is to get on our monthly newsletter.

Yours in geo-innovation (for fun and profit),