Hi everyone,

Great news - the OpenCage Geocoder QGIS plugin is now live!

QGIS is the world’s most popular open source GIS (Geographic Information System) software, used by many thousands of people worldwide, and with a very active developer community. The new plugin makes it easy for QGIS users to use our geocoding API for forward or reverse geocoding. For details please see our full QGIS geocoding tutorial.

"Screenshot of the OpenCage Geocoder QGIS plugin"

Huge thanks to our friend and all-around geospatial open source ace, Joana Simoes for creating the plugin for us. Joana wrote a great post on her blog explaining the project in detail.

Like QGIS itself, the plugin is open source, and we welcome all feedback, bug reports, and improvements.

We should also of course thank the global QGIS community for all the great work they do, it is an inspiring project. Want to learn more about QGIS? Last year we had an interview with Marco Bernasocchi, Chair of the QGIS association, on the Geomob podcast.

Happy geocoding, whether in QGIS or elsewhere,


Final point - we are always happy to have (and pay for the development of) more SDKs or integrations especially for languages, framework, software platforms we don’t yet have. Interested? Please have a look at our guide to SDK writing and get in touch.