Hi friends,

I have some fantastic news for those of you who do your programming in React, be it either of the two flavours: React JS or React Native.

First of all, we are very fortunate to have our geocoding API featured in a tutorial on online learning site Learnetto. Hrishi Mittal goes into deep detail on how to build a location based service app in React Native, using our API. This is a great reosource for anyone who has been thinking of learning React Native, but for whatever reason has held off. Dive in!


Thank you, Hrishi!

Meanwhile, for those of you working in React JS, our good friend Arnaud Ferrand (you, diligent OpenCage fan, will no doubt recall he wrote our AWS Lamdba library) has produced an example app using React JS, the popular mapping library leaflet, and our geocoder.

Please check out the react-leaflet-opencage repository on Github.

Thank you once again, Arnaud, we appreciate it!

Like all of our wrapper libraries and tutorials, be they written by us or open-sourced by the community of OpenCage users, the React resources are linked from our libraries page.

If you are interested in writing a wrapper library for the API in a programming language or software package that we don’t yet have, please get in touch (and read the guidelines). We look forward to featuring your work.

Happy geocoding,