Bonjour à tous,

it is our pleasure to announce the we now also return the EPCI - (Établissement public de coopération intercommunale) for geocoding results in France.

EPCIs are a unquely French concept - a communal unions between municipalities. They are not part of the traditional administrative hierarchy, but they provide a way for communities to share expertise and resources. Learn more about EPCIs over on French wikipedia.

A few weeks ago we were approached by one of our French customers asking if we could add this information to geocoding results. After a bit of research we were happy to agree. We now set the name of the EPCI in the key local_authority in the components portion of geocoding results in France.

As an example, here are the JSON components for the first result for a query for the city of Metz, France. You can see the key/value "local_authority" : "Eurom\u00e9tropole de Metz",

         "components" : {
            "ISO_3166-1_alpha-2" : "FR",
            "ISO_3166-1_alpha-3" : "FRA",
            "ISO_3166-2" : [
            "_category" : "place",
            "_normalized_city" : "Metz",
            "_type" : "city",
            "city" : "Metz",
            "continent" : "Europe",
            "country" : "France",
            "country_code" : "fr",
            "county" : "Moselle",
            "local_authority" : "Eurom\u00e9tropole de Metz",
            "municipality" : "Metz",
            "political_union" : "European Union",
            "region" : "France m\u00e9tropolitaine",
            "state" : "Grand Est",
            "state_code" : "GES"

You can test it yourself on our geocoding demo page:

"Example from the OpenCage demo page of local_authority set for a French result"

Many thanks to the customer for this suggestion and funding the development work.

Happy geocoding, whether in France or elsewhere!