yet another small feature announcement today (as you may have noticed we’re big believers in the power of continual, incremental improvements) - our what3words annotation has been updated to support several additional languages. You can define which language you would like us to return results in via the optional language parameter.

We now return three word addresses in the following languages (* denotes a newly supported language)

* Afrikaans  (af) 
Arabic (ar)
* Bahasa Indonesia (id)
* Czech (cs)
* Danish (da)
* Dutch (nl)
English (en)
Finnish (fi)
French (fr)
German (de)
* Greek (el)
Italian (it)
* Japanese (ja)
* Korean (ko)
Mongolian (mn)
* Norwegian (nb)
Polish (pl)
Portuguese (pt)
Russian (ru)
Spanish (es)
Swahili (sw)
Swedish (sv)
* Thai (th)
Turkish (tr)
* Xhosa (xh)
* Zulu (zu)

One question that comes up not infrequently is whether the three words are the same, but just translated, across languages. No, they aren’t, as not every word has a direct translation and the w3w algorithm removes homophones, offensive words, etc. But all of that is much better explained over on the what3words site. Many congratulations to our friends at what3words as they continue their global expansion.

(Learn more about our annotations) We’ll have some more new annotation announcements in the coming weeks.

Happy geocoding,