Hello loyal OpenCage fans,

for those of you who want to take a peak behind the curtain and learn more about what we do, why it is hard, and why it excites us, a few weeks ago it was my pleasure to be interviewed by the excellent MapScaping podcast, and the episode if now live.

Our 40 minute conversation goes deep on what geocoding is, why it is hard, why open data can be the right solution, and some of the challenges facing the geo industry going forward. It was fun.

The team from MapScaping has put together a great series of interviews from people from all across the geo industry. I highly recommend subscribing, and I’m hopeful we can get someone from the team to come along and give a talk about their experiences at one of our geomob events (they also make beautiful wall maps, in case anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas).

Give the interview a listen here via the embedded player below, in the podcast software of your choice, or check out the full transcript.

Many thanks to Daniel for having me on the show!

If the conversation triggers any questions, please get in touch.

happy geocoding,