Hi everyone,

today we have a good example of one of those tiny product improvements that in hindsight seems so obvious that you shake your head in disbelief that we never thought of it before.

On our geocoding API demo page, once you enter a query we fill a few different tabs with information about the API result.

By default the user sees the “Results” tab which provides a basic overview of the results. There is also a “Map” tab, showing the result locations on a map, a “Request URL” tab that shows the exact API request that was made, and finally - for those who really want to get into the details - a “JSON Response” tab where you can explore the full API response.

The problem though, is that, depending on the query, the JSON response can be pretty big and hard to browse. Well, that is now solved. We have added a bit of javascript magic so that the JSON is now collapsible.

"Screenshot of the OpenCage geocoding Demo page showing collapsible JSON"

It’s not the world’s biggest feature, but it is another small step to making our service as simple as possible to use.

Try it yourself by visiting the geocoding API demo page, putting a location or some coordinates into the form, and then checking out the JSON Response tab.

Happy geocoding,