Hi everyone,

the events of the last few days with the global spread of the corona virus pandemic and the ensuing travel and business restrictions have been dramatic.

I just wanted to dash off a quick post here to ensure our customers our operations are continuing as normal. While we do have a small office, most of our team has worked remotely for years, so in that regard the transition to working from home has not been complex.

Our systems are operating well, our team is available to support you, and as always you can check the current status of the geocoding API on our live dashboard.

We have been contacted by several national and regional OpenStreetMap communities who are trying to organize projects using OSM to help make their communities more resilient against the virus. These projects told us they could benefit from high volumes of geocoding, and it is our pleasure to support them. If you are in some way working to mitigate the suffering caused by the virus and could benefit from our service please get in touch, we will glaldy help you.

Meanwhile several of our customers have unfortunately seen their business disrupted by the dramatic change in economic conditions. If you are a customer and have uncertainty about the coming weeks and months please get in touch and we will see how we can support you until things return to normal.

If you have technical skills and can help in this crisis, here are two great sites with lists of projects where you can get involved:

I close by asking that all of you follow all government advice and common sense, and work together to help us get through this crisis.

Stay healthy, and happy geocoding,


One more thing - if you’re into geo stuff, and you find yourself at home and with a bit more time on your hands than you know what to do with, you might enjoy listening to the recently launched Geomob podcast.