As you may well know, one of the optional parameters you can use to call our API is called bounds, which is specified as two coordinates points in minimum longitude, minimum latitude, maximum longitude, maximum latitude format. Setting this parameter restricts the possible result set to only results within that bounding box.

For example if you know you want only results in the Balearic Islands you might add bounds=1.07666,38.03079,5.05371,40.81381 to your requests.

But we noticed occasionally people have difficulty correctly forming their bounds queries, and of course it is easy to mix up latitude and longitude, no matter how diligent you are.

With this in mind I’m happy to report we have created a new helper page that makes it simple to visualize bounds values.


Just drag and resize the box to the exact area you want and the correct value for the bounds parameter is displayed for you. The page is linked from the documentation where we explain the optional bounds parameter.

I close by hoping that, while your queries should be well bounded, your imagination and potential never are.

Happy geocoding,