As mentioned a few months ago when we announced we were moving our company to Germany, we have joined FOSSGIS e.V. as corporate members. Besides supporting free and open GIS software and data, FORSSGIS is the official local chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation in Germany.

This weekend our co-founder Marc Tobias will be attending the FOSSGIS hack weekend to be held at the Linuxhotel in Essen (it is well worth checking out the Linuxhotel website if you are not familiar with this delightful place). The main focus of his hacking will be Nominatim. Hack weekends are a great chance to get out of the day to day and concentrate on a project; either to knock out some bugs or to map out the development path for the coming months.

Many thanks to the event organizers, and FOSSGIS e.V. for sponsoring the weekend, we’re delighted to be members.

Happy hacking,