While most of efforts here at OpenCage HQ go into improving the geocoding service itself, we’ve spent a bit of time in recent days making some tweaks to the account dashboard for customers.

You can access your OpenCage account dashboard here.

Specifically, customers can now edit their invoice address directly from the dashboard, but also can change the email address that we use as their billing contact. We know that at many companies, while it’s the developers who typically interact with our API, it’s the accounting department that needs the invoices. Specifying a different email address is now trivial.

You can also edit the mailing address that we display on invoices.

Secondly, for those customers paying by credit card, you can now easily see when your card will next be billed.

Not the most amazing new features, I know, but the small things do add up, and are an important step to making life easier for our customers.

We hope this proves useful. If you have further ideas of things we could do to improve account administration please let us know.

Happy geocoding,


Final thing - if, like us, well formatted addresses are you thing, then please take a look at the address-formatting project we created. It’s a set of open source templates for formatting address strings correctly for the different countries of the world. All pull requests glaldy received!