Hi everyone,

while many users of our service come to us precisely because they don’t want to have to know all the messy details of how geocoding works, and are instead happy to hand this task off to us, I know there are some of you who like to peek under the hood and find out how it all works.

Well, my friend, you are in luck.

In the last few weeks there has been not one, but two, behind the scenes looks at our service.

First up, for your summer listening pleasure, I was a guest on the new “Pushing to Production” podcast from SnapShooter. We discuss some of the technical challenges we face in running our service and the technical architecture we’ve built to overcome those challenges. A fun conversation.

Secondly, I was recently interviewed by geospatial news blog Geoawesomeness about our monthly twitter-based geotrivia contests. I explain why we run the contest, how it works, what makes a good question, and more. Coming up with a good (not too hard, not too easy) geo trivia questions every month is not easy.

If this sort of thing (learning more about how we work) interests you then I can highly recommend subscribing to the Geomob Podcast. We interview all osrts of people doing interesting geospatial things, but every fifth or sixth episode steven Feldman (my co-host) and I discuss how things are going on our won projects and I share some of the things we are working on at OpenCage.

Happy geocoding,