Hi everyone, 

a few updates:

For our rubyist friends, you can now access our geocoder via the popular ruby geocoder library (though of course you can also use our stand alone ruby gem as well). If Ruby’s not your thing, take a peak here at all the various libraries we have

Secondly, Alex Balhatchet, CTO of our sister brand Nestoria (one of the geocoders we query), will be giving a talk at YAPC::EU on Geocoding the World in Sofia on the 23rd. If you’re at YAPC::EU please check it out. 

In other conference news, our parent company, Lokku, will be sponsoring WhereCamp Berlin, taking place from 13-15th of November. Lokking forward to it, more details to come.

Finally, all geocoding and no fun makes for boring lives (and we write that as passionate geocoders) so we’ll be taking a much needed holiday next week. Things will be a bit slow here on the blog and our twitter feed (you follow us, right?), but rest assured we’ll be right back in the action soon. Next up on the old todo list is better formatting of addresses (hint: we’ll be asking you for help) and better deduplication of results.

enjoy the summer. Or winter if you’re south of the equator.