Yesterday I opened the old inbox here at OpenCage HQ to find this email

Hey OpenCagers,

Thanks for this effort. I am a GIS developer and am looking to geocode thousands of addresses in various cities in India for my own apps. Unfortunately, geocoding engines with ArcGIS or TomTom or others, for India are not at par yet,

I’d love to contribute to your effort by adding more place points in OSM for Indian cities in a phased manner. My company will volunteer to enrich OSM maps. Will that help the OpenCage geocoding engine? If not, what is the most effective way to help you provide better geocoding engine for India?

This is amazing, it is basically the best case scenario of what we hoped when we launched OpenCage - by making it easier to access and use open geodata we help create the incentive and desire to contribute. Please do dive in! Here is a great guide to getting started with OpenStreetMap. India in particular is a country that is rapidly changing and is unfortunately still under-mapped in OSM. But there is hope. In January Gary and I spoke at a geo meetup in Bangalore. The opengeo and opendata scene is small relative to the task, but they are passionate. Indeed there is an event tonight in Bangalore. Please attend if you can. If you can’t why not organize your own mapping party in your town?

Together we can map the world.