Welcome to the OpenCage blog. Here you’ll find the occasional thoughts, news and musings from the team behind the OpenCage geocoder.

Why OpenCage? OpenCage is part of Lokku and we use a lot of open data. We really do mean a lot as well. Open data is amazing but it’s also wrapped up in a metaphorical cage that you sometimes need to be a bit of an expert to unlock. We’re doing our best to open up that metaphorical cage for you.

Here’s a great example of open data in action. We think the best way to say hello world is with a map, of the world, from open data and in GeoJSON, an open data format.

Take a look at Johan Sundström’s world.geo.json; truly open data, truly open geo data and totally what we think OpenCage is all about.

So hello world. We’ll be right back with more musings from the team.