Hi everyone,

As the end of year holiday season draws closer it is a natural time to reflect on how things went. Despite the difficult economic headwinds we - thanks to our many loyal customers - have been able to continue on our mission of helping make open data easier to use.

I am thus very pleased to announce that we are able to - for the 6th year in a row - continue our tradition of an annual finanical donation to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) to support the work they are doing.

"HOT homepage"

If you are not yet familiar with their work, I strongly encourage you to check it out and get involved

There are many simple ways you can also help support HOT: as a mapper, financially at donate.hotosm.org, and/or by helping develop the software used by the mappers.

Want to learn more about HOT and the important work they do? Earlier this year Rebecca Firth, HOT’s new executive director, was a guest on the Geomob podcast (Episode 194), and we also interviewed Nama Budhathoki, (Episode 172), Regional Director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Teams (HOT) Open Mapping Hub - Asia Pacific, about the response to the earthquake in Turkey.

I close by thanking our customers, small and large, who make it possible for us to again support HOT - and otherwise give back to the OpenStreetMap community. Thank you!

Ed Freyfogle