Hi everyone,

we celebrated a nice milestone this week over on the Geomob podcast, publishing our 200th episode! The Geomob podcast is the virtual arm of our in-person event series that we have been running now for many years, originally just in London, but now across a variety of European cities.

On the podcast we usually interview past speakers from the events start-up founders, open-source innovators, academics, cartographers, people from government or the industry giants. We try to cast a wide net - as with the events the only real requirement is the guest / speaker need to be doing something interesting involving geospatial.

"The Geomob podcast"

Every fifth or sixth episode I’m joined by co-host (and very long-time OpenCage advisor) Steven Feldman, about how our projects are going, so if you’re interested in what happens behind the scenes at OpenCage, please tune in.

In the 200th episodes we are joined by fellow geospatial podcaster Maxime Lenormand of Minds Behind Maps to discuss the keeping the momentum in long-running projects.

Lookig forward to the next 200!

Happy geolistening,