Hi everyone,

yesterday, at the request of a client, we rolled out a slight tweak to the optional countrycode parameter you can include in your calls to our geocoding API. Previously you could specify only a single two-letter countrycode, now you can specify a comma separated list.

Countrycodes are ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 codes, and the “country” part of the name might be a bit confusing, as the regions represented are not necessarily countries. For historical reasons many non-country territories and regions have their own codes. This was one of the reasons for making this change. If, for example, you wanted to geocode a place-name and limit results to all territories of France you could use countrycode=fr,bl,gf,gp,mf,mq,nc,pf,pm,re,tf,wf,yt France is complicated.

Many thanks to the client who suggested this improvement. Please keep the feedback coming.

You can see all the optional parameters you can use to improve your geocoding experience.

happy geocoding,