Hi everyone,

after a bit of a much needed new years break we’re back with some good news - we’ve rolled out three new annotations today.


  • DMS - for the old-school, analog among us now every result comes back with the longitude/latitude of the center point formatted in Degree Minute decimal Second format.

  • Mercator - by popular request (thanks Denis) we now return the EPSG: 3857 Spherical Mercator x and y values of the center point. 

and finally, we’re hopeful our Guinness drinking friends in Ireland will raise a toast to the fact that we now supply

All the details are over on the API documentation page, and if you don’t need these features you can turn them off by supplying the no_annotations parameter with your query. 

happy geocoding, and please keep the feedback coming!

- written from Spherical Mercator coords: -11403.446, 6680794.879,